Folk/acoustic/traditional scene

1. Hootenannies in the 1940s and 1950s

“Hootenannies in Seattle” by Stewart Hendrickson –

Hootenanny on Wikipedia –

1.1. Traditional house parties

Traditional house parties (with live music)

Carnival, Feast Days, and House Parties: Cuban Celebrations in Louisiana after 1960:

House Parties in Rural Ireland (and their recreation in bars):

House parties as a tourist attraction:

Other: see also animal house parties for children (, mock-house parties for parents (, and house parties for immigrant reform in Texas (,

1.2. Traditional “kitchen sweat”:

“Aunt Edna remembers the best kitchen sweat ever” (from Just folks: earthly tales of theprairieheartland,byJerryW. Engler;pp. 267-271):

2. Contemporary house concerts
Pages dedicated solely to house concerts (and that are not limited to promoting only one house concert venue):

Interactive global map with house concert venues (folk/acoustic) –

House concert resources” blog:

Levon Helm’s (The Band) Midnight Ramble sessions at his home/studio “The Barn” (website + articles and videos) –;;;;;;

2.1 Lists to selected folk/acoustic house concert venues from around the US (List of San Diego house concerts on the bottom of the page) (Huston Area House concerts) (local shows in Salt Lake County) (LA area) (“House concerts connection” list of hosts, houses, types of venues …)

Network non-profit organizations promoting house concerts and house concert tours (Bill Wagman’s house, Davis)

2.2 Official sites (incomplete selection) (“Flowers in the Desert Concert Series”, Chappell Hill, TX) (Russ & Julie’s house concerts; Oak Park, California) (Seattle, WA) (Berwyn Warm, Chicago) (Glendside House concerts, Glenside, PA) (The Coach House, San Juan capistrano, CA) (Memphis House concerts, Memphis) (Boulder, Colorado ) (Barker House concerts, Austin, TX) (Brask House Concerts, Fremont, CA) (Magpie House concerts, Salt Lake City, UT) (Room with a view concerts, Salt Lake City, UT) (The House) (Oasis House concerts; San Diego, CA) (Sharon House concerts, Sharon, Ma) (Ranch House concerts, St. Louis, MO) (House concerts unlimited, Tulsa, OK) (Friends House concerts, Colorado Springs, CO) (Hill Country House concerts, Boerne, TX) (North Shore Point House, Norfolk, VA) (Hilltop House concerts, Kerrville, TX) (Auburn House Concerts, Auburn, CA) (Highlands House Concert series, Denver CO) (Franklin House concerts, Franklin, MA) (Kiva House concerts, Billerica, MA ) (Little Lake Hill House Concerts, Raleigh, NC) (Sally Greenberg’s Berkeley House concerts, Berkeley, CA) (Billsville House concerts, Williamstown, MA ) (Monkey House Concerts, Blacksburg, VA ) (The Fox Run House Concert Series, Sudbury, MA) (Bonedoc’s House Concerts, Richardson, TX) (Tree House concerts, Takoma Park, MD) (Tree House concerts, Carmel Valley, CA) (Roost House, Carmel Valley, CA) (Dark-thirty productions house concerts, Lakeside CA) (San Antonio House concerts, San Antonio, TX) (Canyonfolk house concerts, Harbison Canyon CA) (Las Alturas House Concerts, Las Cruces, New Mexico) (Honky Tonk house concerts, Streetsboro, OH) (GoodFolk Productions, Inc., Fayetteville, AR) (Cooldog Technologies, Clayton, Delaware) (NB House Concerts, New Braunfels, TX) (Lewis Circle house concerts, Hatboro PA) (Heights House Concerts, Jersey City Heights NJ) (Hillbilly Haiku house concerts, Lebanon, TN) (Garden Folk Concerts, Palm Beach County, Florida) (Backyard house concerts, Kirkland, WA)

2.3 Artists – promoting their house concert programs (David Bazan’s “Living room tour”) (Jessica Williams, jazz piano; offering to play at house concerts) (“Making a living with house concerts” – interview with Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark) (Lil’ Robbie’s “NYC Basement Tour 2006” flyer)

2.4 Community/cooperative (Heathcote Community, Baltimore, MD)

2.5 Commercial (Tree house Point, Issaquah, WA; a commercial facility/endeavor featuring house concerts) (Cedar Gables Inn, Napa, CA; an Inn, promoting house concerts) (photo online store, promoting making photos of basement shows)

2.6 Booklets (instructional) (booklet/guide “Producing house concerts”; 34 pages) (“House concert guide and 2010 Calendar” with “house concert” themed cartoon images; 24 pages; free download) (“Complete Guide to House Concerts”, Nyree Belleville, 2003) (how to make house concert signs; from

2.7 Instructional and promotional video (“Concerts in your home: An intro to house concerts”; from (“You are invited to a house concert; from (“The basics of a house concert”; from (“How to Search for House Concert Hosts: from (“A Great New Way to Hear Live Music”; from and

Video – concerts (San Francisco house concerts – videos)

2.8 About house shows (explaining the concept), with tips and guides (“Tips for hosting a house concert”, by Jon Bream; in StarTribune) (About at House Concert Connection) (About and How to … (About and How to… at the Brobdingnagian (About and FAQ at (“Tips for house concert hosts” at, including how to make signs to put around in the house during a show) (“Tips for artists” at (“What are house concerts?” at Homes Routes) (go to “How to” link at Memphis House concerts) (FAQ at Magpie House concerts) (FAQ at Room with a view concerts) (FAQ at Hilltop House concerts) (About at Billsville House Concerts) (About at Las Alturas House Concerts) (How to at (go to “What’s a house concert” at Folk’N great music) (About at Nyland House Concerts) (About and tips from Canyon House Concerts) (UK) (go to “All about” for About and FAQ at House Concerts York, UK) (go to “What’s a house concert?” at Rock Prairie House Concerts) (Q&A at (go to “What is a house concert?” at Rocky’s Run House Concerts) (About at Gelencser House Concerts) (How to … at Old folksinger’s homepage) (“What is a house concert?” at Música Del Río House Concerts) (How to … at (“What is a house concert?” at Concerts at the Cabin) (Q&A at Philly Area House Concerts) (“About Us & Why We Do This!” at Heart of Texas House Concerts) (“How to host house concerts” at (“About” at The House) (“Why house concerts” at House concerts unlimited) (“About” and “Tips” … at Andy Rogers Music)

with downloadable file “The House Concert Hosting Kit”) (“How to get booked for a house concert” at (“About” at Homemade music)

2.9 In the media

2.9.1 Radio (“The intimate new venues for gigs: More tour managers are looking to ordinary home-owners to host performances in their living rooms”; radio program on BBC Radio 4)

Show on Capitol Public Radio (with transcription), about Bill Wagman’s house in Davis – “Music Fan Opens Home For Concerts” –

2.9.2 TV

Fran Snyder from on “27 news, Northeast Kansas live”:

2.9.3 Articles:

Links to media articles (  (“Up close and personal: The Joys and challenges of playing house concerts” by Cosy Sheridan; in the March 2000 issue
of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, pp 42-44 ) (“Live From the Living Room”, by Joyce Slaton; in Wired) (“Acoustic Music, Live From the Living Room”; by Neil Strauss; in New York Times) (“A House Where History and Folk Musicians Share the Spotlight”; by Thomas Staudter, in New York Times; about Hammond House, Westchester) (“Backyard Concerts with the Stars”; by Richard Menta; in MP3 Newswire) (“Tips for hosting a house concert”, by Jon Bream; in StarTribune) (“Intimate shows bring down the house”; Jim Kavanagh, CNN) (“Freedom Farm Acoustic Concert season opens: The trend of “house concerts” — it’s exactly what it sounds like — has come to the area”, by Andrew McGinn, in Springfield News-Sun) (Live In Your Living Room: You Book The Bands”, by Daoud Tyler-Ameen; NPR) (“Make your own scene. How to host a concert in your home”, by Drew Pearce; Interview/article from AcousticGuitar) (Letter to the New York Times) (“House concerts an alternative to commercial shows: Private venues offer alternative to commercial concerts”, by Michael Dougan; SF Gate) (“Home Folk: Neither rain, nor cops, nor crabby neighbors can stop South Florida’s house concerts”, by Nina Korman; Miami NewTimes) (“Singers in the house: Club-hungry locals invite traveling players home”, by Philip van Vleck; in MetroMagazine) (“Music notes: Bringing house concerts to Carlisle” by Alexis del Palazzo; in T heSentinel) (“Goodbye, basement shows: Biggest act ends run of 40 Celtic folk performances in couple’s Westwood home”; by Larry Nager; in The Cincinnati Enquirer) (“My House is Your House (At least for the next three hours)”, by Timothy Brooks at Barker House Concerts) (“ConcertsInYourHome Brings Artists & Fans Together For House Concerts” by Clyde Smith at

2.9.4 Interviews (Making a living with house concerts – interview with Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark) (“Make money playing a house concert”, by Lisa Chow; in Marketplace) (“Musicians Rethink Approach to Money Making”, by Lisa Chow; in WNYC News)

2.9.5 Reviews (“Melissa Greener playing at Scott & Linda’s House on June 10, 2011” by David Tannen; in JCDisciples) (“Opening the Home to Folk Music”, NY Times)

2.10 Politics, contested, legislature (see also; Bett Padgett’s house concerts ruled a business; the limit is three a year.” by Bob Geary (Indy Week / Raleigh, NC; with comments; folk/acoustic) (“Government proposes exemption of small venues from live music licence: New consultation announced into removing the licensing requirements for concerts with less than 100 attendees” by Sean Michaels, in Guardian, UK)

2.11 Art

The House Show (2004) – a live album by Derek Webb (from his House Show Tour) –

3. International

House concerts in Berlin:

John Statz, playing in Berlin:

organizer’s Dan Coyle page:

Second String Band, playing Berlin house concerts:

Sofa Salon house concert series in Berlin (homepage):

Audio recording of an artist Amit Dattani, performing at Berlin’s house concert:

Video interview with Jamison Young, playing a Berlin house concert:

Gentlemen & Assassins (House Concert in Kreuzberg Berlin):

“The fahrradkeller,” a house concert house in Germany, with videos of past house concerts there:

House concerts in Berlin:,+%22house+concert%22,+improvisation&source=bl&ots=soZYk4bD1i&sig=cmqobtx834GtO8Evp8mWr-jwjhM&hl=sl&sa=X&ei=ASoST9HROeWliQLxv7njDQ&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=%22house%20concert%22&f=false

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