Finally, a new issue of HouseShowsZine! There are essays/papers (one about Davis, CA, show houses by Rob Roy, one about senses and house shows by Gray Newlin, and one about house shows in general, by Benjamin Morey), an interview (Nate Allen, interviewed by Benjamin Morey), a poem by Gray Newlin, and fresh links to websites (among them, links of youtube videos from house shows/show houses in Portland, links to several festivals that include houses as venues, and links to plenty of interesting guerrilla and unconventional shows around the US …). I hope you will enjoy it! Expect more in the following months, and perhaps contribute your own stuff!


In the new issue of HoseShowsZine, you can read interviews about house shows and house show tours with the following musicians and bands: Evie Ladin, Jon Barba, Bob Ostertag, Tumbleweed Wanderers,and Tan sister radio. There is also a post with a batch of new and very interesting links related to house shows and unconventional shows (but check also the rest of them, that I compiled earlier, under Links category, if you haven’t done so yet), a short profile of Isla Vista (Santa Barbara) house show scene by Michael Kenney, and an essay on DAM house in Davis, by a participant of Davis house show scene, and a grad student in journalism, Elisa Hough. I am also starting with posting house profiles. The first one you can read is about Vilanova house from Davis. You can use it as a template to write about show houses that you know, and thus contribute to HSZ (you can contribute in any other form also; see more about it here). Finally, I also created a Facebook page, so you can follow news and new posts there. Don’t forget to “like” it, so you will automatically be in the know (also “follow” the page itself, for the same reasons). See you at house shows. David

In the first introductory issue of HouseShowZine (HSZ), the focus is mostly on on what already exists online: on online links to various pages that are related to house concerts, basement shows and other unconventional venues. I spent more than one week surfing the Internet in search of interesting and relevant pages that would be of any interest to the readers and to my research. It was an overwhelming task, since there are countless pages to open, read, copy, and classify. Read More