Villanova/Chillanova (Davis)

A profile of one of the most active houses in Davis, CA …

House: Villanova or Chillanova

Address: 802 Villanova street, Davis, CA



Location: NW Davis, close to (North Western side of) campus. Off of Anderson.

Years of operating: 2007/2008-present

Frequency of shows: 1-3 per month.

People living in the house: Currently six. Mostly students and KDVS radio associates.

Bands practicing or associated with the house (past/present): Produce Produce, Gaarth, Monterey Babe Aquarium, Dad City, Burgers, Burglers, John Brumley’s solo projects, Simi Sohota’s solo projects …

Some of the bands that played in the house: Pregnant, ALAK, Mucky the Ducky, Tom Greenwood, The Homosexuals, No Babies, High Wolf, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Finally Punk and SEX///VID, Talibam, Jack Wright, 60 Watt Kid …

Genre of shows: eclectic (from punk, garage rock, indie rock, and post rock, to experimental, and impro, or folk-acoustic, with some death metal and jazz in between)

Location of shows: living room (once bathroom, once bedroom, in both cases performances by the house band, the Burglers)

Organization: touring bands contacting them either directly, or through KDVS, or through other houses. Mostly one person in charge of the organization.

Other cultural and/or collective activities (public/among residents): public: No Hard feelings festival (once in 2009); among residents: Burritos & Bollywood movie nights, watching videos, thrift store shopping, going to shows together, listening to music, hanging out …

Characteristics: Eclectic range of bands playing. Wide open and large living room space. Audience and residents mostly related to local KDVS radio.

Name: Named after the street Villanova. Sometimes Chillanova, indicating the atmosphere of the house and shows, and the attitude of the residents.

Changes through time: from 2 in the beginning to all residents currently affiliated with KDVS.

Design: living room with shiny wooden floor and couches around it; LP, VHS and tape collections on display in living room. Random posters and photos on the white wall. Audience can watch performances from couch, floor (sitting or standing), or from a kitchen space.

Audience: mostly local students and young people; sometimes younger people from Sacramento.

Neighbors: Residents are trying to retain respectful relations with neighbors. Some complaints by neighbors, directly to residents. No complaints to police.

Police: No problems so far.

Publicity: private (Facebook, word of mouth), public (fliers, posters, through KDVS radio, and

Start and end time of shows: Mostly 8pm to 10.30pm (sometimes end later, but with quieter sets).

Donation: Collecting in a bucket. Consistently, during breaks.

Drinks, food …: BOYB, sometimes (potluck) BBQ; once freshly baked cookies, often free snacks in the kitchen.

Type of bands (local/touring): usually touring bands with added local acts.

Relations (radio, label, bands, festivals, other houses …): with KDVS (residents KDVS associates; hosting “KDVS presents” shows; usually borrow equipment—PA system, mixing board, and microphones—from KDVS.), and with other Davis houses.


Quotes: “Shows here have tended to be more ambient and trippy and the couches and relative comfort of being able to stretch out on the ground a bit allows this. At the same time this space allows people to move more for more upbeat shows. This space keeps the energy slightly more contained than at the DAM house though.” (resident)

Author/editing: David Verbuc, with residents (Craig).

Date written: February 9, 2012

(Updates: )


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