Isla Vista’s House Show Scene. By Michael Kenney (December 17, 2011)

Isla Vista’s House Show Scene. By Michael Kenney (December 17, 2011) …

      The house show scene Isla Vista is a unique one, and at the same time a struggling a one. In years past there have been many houses where shows took place but as more landlords decide to push out long time residence to upgrade houses and charge exorbitant rents, the once many houses have dwindled to a few. Currently the main places for shows are the Biko garage and the 777 building, also known as Sorry Virtues. Both properties are owned and operated under the Santa Barbara Housing Coop system. The Biko garage puts on the majority of the shows and has been used for over ten years. The shows are set up by anyone willing to take the time to set them up, and they can range in genre from folk to prog-rock to ambient experimental, anything goes. All shows are all ages and donation based, so bringing a couple bucks is recommended or a few more to buy some sweet merchandise from the artists. These shows are attended by a majority younger crowd, and a pretty racially diverse crowd. The shows are advertised mostly through facebook and/or by UCSB’s radio station KCSB. There has always been a strong tie between the house show scene, its participants, and the radio station. House shows often go unhindered by police or neighbors so long as they are over by midnight.

The downtown Santa Barbara area draws in alternative acts, and those who are at the point that they have promotion, or a sizable following are more likely to play there than at a house show in Isla Vista. There is a noticeable difference in the age’s crowds at these shows, as more people are either out of college or in high school; however they are still racially diverse


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