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Here is a batch of new links about various issues related to house shows and unconventional shows. This list is now also added to the regular Links pages …

Links/Acoustic: blog:


Traditional house parties (with live music)

Carnival, Feast Days, and House Parties: Cuban Celebrations in Louisiana after 1960:

House Parties in Rural Ireland (and their recreation in bars):

House parties as a tourist attraction:

Other: see also animal house parties for children (, mock-house parties for parents (, and house parties for immigrant reform in Texas (,

Traditional “kitchen sweat”:

“Aunt Edna remembers the best kitchen sweat ever” (from Just folks: earthly tales of theprairieheartland,byJerryW. Engler;pp. 267-271):

Classical music:

Classical music house concerts –

video of a classical house concert (Neil Patton) –



Raw Nerves – All-house tour:


“The Oregonian Tackles the House Show Menace That is Plaguing the City of Portland” by Ezra Ace Caraeff –

(see also

“City-UC Davis student liaison commission proposes changes to noise ordinances” (The California Aggie):


“The Best Basement Band Ever Or, 725 words on Neck Beards” by Carmelo Martinez –

The Wignut blog – anarchist collective in Southern Barton Heights, entries on house shows:

“Living Room to Stage: The DIY House Circuit” by Dan Solomon (MTV Hive):


Frank Turner – Photosynthesis (Philly Basement Show, Titan House w/ The Menzingers, Nick Harris, Restorations) + sing-along:

Mayyors, House party. March 21, 2009:

Rad at Axewave Manor (December 13, 2011) –

The FNAs, Rodchild –

Comsonauts Carnival (LA house show) –

The Dutch Lines (LA house show) –

Profiles—scenes and houses:



Compton House show Facebook account:

Simple in Theory – Worthwhile (house show in Compton):,

San Luis Obispo – DIYSLO / The Lodge house:,

Santa Barbara

Biko Garage (Santa Barbara, Isla Vista) –

The Finches playing at the Biko Garage; with review of the show –

SBDIY (Santa Barbara DIY info page) –

Oregon, Portland

List of concert houses in Portland:

Badlands, house concert venue and a studio, in Portland:

Gathering of the Goof Punx: a DIY festival, happening in houses and venues, in Portland:,, (manifesto)


Festival “House by house West”– Denton, Texas: announcement – (and here:, poster –, some photos –

Bunker Hill (house) –

forum – discussion about Denton, Texas scene –

Washington, Bellingham

Yellingham festival: house show music festival: (see also


House concerts in Berlin:

John Statz, playing in Berlin:

organizer’s Dan Coyle page:

Second String Band, playing Berlin house concerts:

Sofa Salon house concert series in Berlin (homepage):

Audio recording of an artist Amit Dattani, performing at Berlin’s house concert:

Video interview with Jamison Young, playing a Berlin house concert:

Gentlemen & Assassins (House Concert in Kreuzberg Berlin):

“The fahrradkeller,” a house concert house in Germany, with videos of past house concerts there:

House concerts in Berlin (classical):,+%22house+concert%22,+improvisation&source=bl&ots=soZYk4bD1i&sig=cmqobtx834GtO8Evp8mWr-jwjhM&hl=sl&sa=X&ei=ASoST9HROeWliQLxv7njDQ&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=%22house%20concert%22&f=false



Yan Jun’s project Living Room Tour (Beijing); July – September, 2011, audience’s home, Beijing:

Lectures: Leal, Jorge N. 2011. “The Ephemeral Forums of South East Los Angeles.” (starts at 23:15); and Jonathan Daniel Gomez . 2011. “3 Bucks a Head: The Backyard Gig, Class Struggle, and the East Los Angeles Community.” (starts at 47:50). Paper presentation at 2011 Experience Music Project Pop Conference 2011, Los Angeles; both on Josh Kun’s panel: “SoCal Polyphony:

Punk Houses

article about Punk house on wikipedia:

“The Church” (Black Flag’s punk house)

Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag; Stevie Chick: (parties in The Church); extract: (Rise Above: An Extract From Stevie Chick’s Black Flag Biography):

Western Addiction: The Church of Black Flag; song:; lyrics:

The Church –

“The Dischord House” (Minor Thread/Fugazi house):

“Dischord finds harmony in D.C. Hardcore scene”:


Minor Threat at Dischord House (from a documentary, featuring Minor Threat playing at Dischord house, Ian MacKaye talking about straight edge, and a show where the audience sang the songs with him since there was no microphone):

Article: “Group houses in Arlington”:

“Skinhead Manor” House (Youth Brigade and The Better Youth Brigade house)

in We got the neutron bomb: the untold story of L.A. Punk, p. 190, 191 (activities: meeting people, rehearsal studio, plans for pirate radio station, and rehearsal studio);

“we wanted to put it all together, to have a house where they could rent a room to put on shows, a rehearsal studio, recording studio and a pirate radio station and put out fanzines…a big headquarters” (from Youth Brigade interview from Forced Exposure 5:

“Wilton Hilton” (Screamers’ house)

in We got the neutron bomb: the untold story of L.A. Punk, p. 89 (see excerpt here:


Review in Labotomy Magazine #3 (1-20-78: Party at the Screamers house): “FARTY REVIEW: TOMATA & CHLOE’S WILD SOIREE, JAN.20, WILTON HILTON”: “Heard about those swingin’ parties; have ya? This was no exception! The place was loaded with loaded ‘personalities’ … Tomata served ice-cream, potato salad, and p-nut butter sandwhiches. The decor was charming, too. Streamers fashioned from the yellow-pages, making the place look like the cocoanut grove in it’s hey-day. Very rowdy sphaghetti fight in the kitchen. Damages estimated at: $78,000,060.54…” -Pleasant Geham

“Black Hole”; Mike Ness’s (from Social Distortion) apartment/punk house in Fullerton, CA (1980s);

“Adults of the Black Hole: An Interview with Steve Soto of the Adolescents by Janelle Jones “ –

“Black hole” house mentioned in the following songs:

mentioned in an article about Social Distortion:

Aaron Cometbus’s fanzine/book (stories from his fanzine): Double Douce punk house


Another State of Mind (Social Distortion and Youth Brigade on tour):

Power of Milkshake and salads (Lightning bolt tour);


We got the neutron bomb: the untold story of L.A. Punk (p. 195)

House concerts in Berlin:,+%22house+concert%22,+improvisation&source=bl&ots=soZYk4bD1i&sig=cmqobtx834GtO8Evp8mWr-jwjhM&hl=sl&sa=X&ei=ASoST9HROeWliQLxv7njDQ&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=%22house%20concert%22&f=false

“Jazz on the river” by William Howland Kenney:


Friends Forever (van as a venue)

Interview with Friends Forever (including photos of them playing from the van and in the Redwoods):

Friends forever a documentary film clip (trailer):

Friends Forever, playing from their van (San Francisco, 2003):

Friends Forever, playing from their van (21 Grand Oakland; 2005-6?):


Rats of Nimh – NY festival: started in a subway station, got on a train, ended at a venue; “Following SleepWhenDeadNYC’s Subway Show from Bowery JMZ to Goodbye Blue Monday” –

The Ford Plant in Brandtford, Ontario, sponsored a show in a river for the Murdered City Music Festival. Photo by Aviva Cohen.(photo from a book “In every town”, p. 124)

Concerts in a piano repair and tuning shop: Piano fort (Portland):,

Guerilla shows:

Amanda Palmer’s Portland Guerrilla Show –

“Newt Gingrich Rally In Las Vegas Interrupted By Local Grindcore Band” –


“Jazz on the river” by William Howland Kenney:

Interview with William Howland Kenney, author of the book “Jazz on the River”-

“Riverboats and jazz”; an exhibit and online tour:

Other venues

The VERA project, Seattle –


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