Online links to: political, contested (alter.)

A compiled list of online links to article, discussions and forums about politics and contested issues related to house/basement shows (see also Links/Alternative section) …

Politics / contested / legislature

Forum / debate, why was a house show venue Meirde Verde (Madison) closed:, see also

Redbull’s project Noise complaint: (Redbull’s project Noise complaint; promotional);  (response at Attica! Attica!, by Aaron Trammell); (response at the blog “Please don’t hang out in front of the house” by Aaron Trammell); (article “Red Bull’s Noise Complaint campaign goes from a New Brunswick basement to The CourtTavern”); (article “Red Bull moves ‘Noise Complaint’ campaign to venue, away from basement” with a forum/comments)

critique of a newspaper article about house shows –

New York City’s Noise Code – (forum: Basement shows (includes topics: vandalizing the place, inviting girls …) (qoute: THERE ARE NO GRANDPA’S GUITARS ON THE FEST (ACOUSTIC ACTS)…SO DON’T ASK!!! Also, there is obviously no room for poseurs–so no racist, homophobic, or sexist material will be tolerated…being a scum fuck is neither funny nor cool.) (“City Shuts Down ‘Allston’s Best Kept Secret’” by Katy Kelleher, in The Feast; about Wadzilla Mansion, Boston)

Bett Padgett’s house: (“Bett Padgett’s house concerts ruled a business; the limit is three a year.” by Bob Geary (Indy Week / Raleigh, NC; with comments; folk/acoustic; see also and ; “Little Lake Hill House Concerts declared as ‘Prima Facie Business’”) (“New Brunswick Arts and Culture: Why We’ve Moved into Basements” by Bianca Spivak; in Moxie Today; with comments) (“Basement concerts survive for love of music: Intimate underground spaces face legal challenges” by Clint Demeritt; in Metromix) (“Government proposes exemption of small venues from live music licence: New consultation announced into removing the licensing requirements for concerts with less than 100 attendees” by Sean Michaels, in Guardian, UK) (“New Brunswick police crack down on basement concerts” by John Shabe; in (NJ) (forum question about legality of charging admission at house shows) (“City pulling the plug on basement shows: New Brunswick officials cracking down NJ; By Chris Jordan, August 24, 2009)

basement shows in real venues (Fubar) –

stand-up comedy, with Jagermeister banner in a basement –


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