Links to online articles (alter.)

A compiled list of online articles with links about alternative house/basement shows (see also Links/Alternative section) … (Wiki article on house shows) (Wiki article on basement shows) (Short article about basement shows in general)

“Bring Back Albany Hardcore” (Albany) –

“House rules” and “House Shows: A DIY Guide” articles by Mike Connor, at Metroactive –

“Really Underground: The Hands Across Basements fest returns for second year of underground Punk goodness” by Alex L. Weber; in City Beat (Cincinnati) – (see also

“The Murder and the Harlot: Basement Shows Have ‘Completely Different Vibe’”; http://www.noisecreep.com

“Punk values stay pristine at Thrillhouse Records”; by David McClymonds; Golden Gate [X] Press –

“Basement Drones: Behind the new music scene in Trenton” by Tom Ledford, in Nassau Weekly (Ewing, NJ) –

“Rising star Uncle Tupelo makes even Enormous Richard feel inadequate” (By Chris King, in Riverfront Times, June 5-11, 1991; more about Uncle Tupelo than basement shows, but anyway) –

“How to throw your own basement show”, DJ Hostettler at A.V. Club, Milwaukee –,30548/

“Bands love basements, bars” (by Rachel Pastorek, in The Lantern) –

“One More Song (or, Places To Make/Hear A Racket in Milwaukee)” by Brian Whitney in –

“New Brunswick Arts and Culture: Why We’ve Moved into Basements” (by Bianca Spivak, in Moxie Today; with comments) –

“Basement concerts survive for love of music: Intimate underground spaces face legal challenges” (by Clint Demeritt; in Metromix) –

“Trustkill Owner Gives a Little History Lesson on Basement Shows” by Amy Sciarretto; in Noisecreep) –

“It’s Better in the Basement. Dylan Baker Reports on Basement Shows October 3rd” by Dylan Baker –

“From a basement show on a hill” by Tobias Carroll; presented at the 2007 Pop Conference) –

“Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #87” by Mike Straight; in Slug and Lettuce; –

“Rock and roll delivered: Bringing it all back home with living-room concerts”, by Ricardo Baca; Denver Post –

“It came from the basement: The most intense scene in town lives in the cellars of Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Brighton, Allston, and Somerville” by Camille Dodero; The Boston Phoenix; Massachusetts) –

“From the underground: Milwaukee’s basement show scene” by Julie Lawrence ( –

“The Wild and Wonderful Story of Under 100, the DIY Show Space in Dame Dash’s Basement” by Zach Baronin Villagevoice (about “Under 100” basement in NY; hip-hop/alternative) –

“New Brunswick police crack down on basement concerts” by John Shabe in (NJ)

“A little bit about punk rock basement shows from personal experience!” by Chris Novak, from Punk Rock Basement Shows) –

“The Dojo: An above-ground basement space” by Emily Thompson in Nuvo –


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