Online links to profiles: scenes and houses (alter.)

A compiled list of online links to profiles of local scenes and houses (see also Links/Alternative) …

Profiles – Scenes and houses (first see Do DIY; page dedicated to international DIY communities; including descriptions of venues and houses from the US and around the world)


Santa Cruz, CA

Davis, CA

Davis Wiki article about Davis house shows –

“This DAM Haus: End of an Era or End of Your Ears?” by Dennis Yudt, in Midtown Monthly; (Monterey Babe Aquarium) (Burgers at Villanova) (Burglars @ Roystock 2011) (Tyvek – Davis House Party (Bomb Shelter): “Nothing Fits” & “Frustration Rock” (MAYYORS (Last Show) September 15, 2010 Davis, California (DAM house) PART ONE OF THREE) (Produce Produce – My Lifestyle at Villanova house)

Concert guide for Davis and Sacramento –


Whitney House (Hartford, CT) (


Lost Cross house, Carbondale, Illinois ( (in Maximumrocknroll; see also here and here

The Swamp (Carbondale, Il) –


Lexington, KY –


Boston (Boston hardcore scene; article in Wiki)


“Grand Rapids is screaming” page (Michigan), with reviews of shows, including house shows –


Minneapolis, MN (House Show as Schoolhouse project, Minneapolis, MN) (Basement shows in Minneapolis, MN; with videos)


15th house (Columbus, NE) –

“Spindle” basement, Nebraska – (“Spindle” basement, Nebraska)

New Jersey

New Brunswick, NJ,_New_Jersey_music_scene (about New Brunswick music scene on wiki; including basement shows)

Meat Town USA (New Brunswick, New Jersey) –

New York (Bookingbasement shows in Long Island, NY: (Less Artists More Condos; DIY booking group, alternative venues; NY)

“This month’s Live Wire: Unconventional Venues” in Live Wire (Ithaca, NY) –


Litterbox (Oberlin, Ohio) (article) –



“Five Portland Venues: Five unconventional venues that host Portland’s massive music scene” by Adrienne So, in Cool Hunting –

Bomb Shelter in Portland (

Zombies House, Portland (

Spacement thee basement –

Portland show guide –

Pennsylvania (The UndergroundRailroad, PA: chronicling house show venues in Pennsylvania; see also

Philadelphia (Philadelphia houses and other venues)


Richmond, VA (Richmond House Shows)


Lucky 7 house (Olympia, WA) (The Whip Live at the Lucky 7 house) (Fagbash hanging out at the Lucky 7 house-Olympia, Washington ) (photo of the empty Lucky 7 house + a short description of it)


Meirde Verde; Madison (forum debate, why was a house show venue Meirde Verde closed)


Wyoming (Afterschool; Basement shows in WI)


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