Online links to articles (unconventional shows)

A list of online links to articles about other unconventional shows (see also Links > Other unconventional shows for more information and links with photos and videos …) …

Other unconventional venues (articles)

“5 unconventional music venues in Montreal” by Austin Milne, in Consumer Traveler –

“Five Portland Venues: Five unconventional venues that host Portland’s massive music scene” by Adrienne So, in Cool Hunting –

“A Three-Ring Circus of Art, Music, and Everything Under The Sun” (“The Big Top” venue in New Orleans; by Taylor Gray for Groovescapes) –

“Unconventional Venues, Emerging Artists — It’s BoCoCa Arts Time!” by Heather Mayer, in Caroll Gardens Patch) –

“This month’s Live Wire: Unconventional Venues” in Live Wire (Ithaca, NY) –

“Arts group brings works to unconventional venues” by Mary Jessica Hammes; in Online Athens –

“Secret venues: home’s where the art is” by Sarah Barmak, for ––secret-venues-home-s-where-the-art-is

“New director to give legs to unconventional venues” (theater group Legs On The Wall) –

article from NY Times: “Coffeehouses Are Making a Comeback” –

Club in a church (Paradiso, in Amsterdam) –

“The Bus:John Benson’s ultimate DIY music venue.” –

Unconventional venues as artistic and commercial strategies

“City soiree: concerts in unconventional and non-traditional venues” (in –

“New Show Captures Music In Unconventional Venues” (“19th-century synagogue, a 700-acre farm and the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, … Crowded House at the Masonic Hall Grand Lodge in New York, Fountains Of Wayne on a 100-year-old ship at New York’s South Street Seaport, the Swell Season at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Seattle and Patty Griffin at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts on Manhattan’s Lower East Side”) – (see also “TV Show Captures Music in Unconventional Venues” at

“Unconventional venues: Meet in these one-of-a-kind locales for a truly exceptional event” by Talia Salem, in Smart Meetings) –

“Classical revolution”

“Classical Music Moves From Concert Halls to Cafes” (by Chloe Veltman, in New York Times) –

“The Jukebox Is From Juilliard” by Bernice Yeung, in New York Times) –

“Classical movement: Chamber music’s fan base growing” by Colin Eatock, SF Chronicle) –

“From Conservatory to Cafe: Classical music’s no-frills Mission digs.” by Khalid Halhoul, in SF Weekly. –

“Classical Revolution Knocks on the Art House Door” by Rebecca Liao; in San Francisco Classical Voice –

“Real and Classical Revolution” by Michael Zwiebach; in San Francisco Classical Voice –\

Media and Internet

“Tiny Desk concerts” at NPR – (also see Tom Tom Club at Tiny Desk concerts:

“The first phone-in concert: Rooster herald new era of technology by broadcasting gig live by mobile” (article by Laura Barton, in Guardian; UK) –

Telematic performance

article in Wikipedia –

“Mark Dresser: Telematics” –

Live music in Second Life


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