Online links to articles (acoust.)

A list of online links to articles about house concerts (see also Links > Acoustic/folk section) …


Links to media articles ( (“Up close and personal: The Joys and challenges of playing house concerts” by Cosy Sheridan; in the March 2000 issue
of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, pp 42-44 ) (“Live From the Living Room”, by Joyce Slaton; in Wired) (“Acoustic Music, Live From the Living Room”; by Neil Strauss; in New York Times) (“A House Where History and Folk Musicians Share the Spotlight”; by Thomas Staudter, in New York Times; about Hammond House, Westchester) (“Backyard Concerts with the Stars”; by Richard Menta; in MP3 Newswire) (“Tips for hosting a house concert”, by Jon Bream; in StarTribune) (“Intimate shows bring down the house”; Jim Kavanagh, CNN) (“Freedom Farm Acoustic Concert season opens: The trend of “house concerts” — it’s exactly what it sounds like — has come to the area”, by Andrew McGinn, in Springfield News-Sun) (“Live In Your Living Room: You Book The Bands”, by Daoud Tyler-Ameen; NPR) (“Make your own scene. How to host a concert in your home”, by Drew Pearce; Interview/article from AcousticGuitar) (Letter to the New York Times) (“House concerts an alternative to commercial shows: Private venues offer alternative to commercial concerts”, by Michael Dougan; SF Gate) (“Home Folk: Neither rain, nor cops, nor crabby neighbors can stop South Florida’s house concerts”, by Nina Korman; Miami NewTimes) (“Singers in the house: Club-hungry locals invite traveling players home”, by Philip van Vleck; in MetroMagazine) (“Music notes: Bringing house concerts to Carlisle” by Alexis del Palazzo; in T heSentinel) (“Goodbye, basement shows: Biggest act ends run of 40 Celtic folk performances in couple’s Westwood home”; by Larry Nager; in The Cincinnati Enquirer) (“My House is Your House (At least for the next three hours)”, by Timothy Brooks at Barker House Concerts) (“ConcertsInYourHome Brings Artists & Fans Together For House Concerts” by Clyde Smith at


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