Online links to About/tips/How to … (Acoust.)

A compiled list of online links to the pages that provide information about what house concerts are, tips for organizing them, and with “How to …”, FAQ, and Q&A sections (see also Links > Acoustic/folk) …

About house shows (explaining the concept), with tips and guides (“Tips for hosting a house concert”, by Jon Bream; in StarTribune) (About at House Concert Connection) (About and How to … (About and How to… at the Brobdingnagian (About and FAQ at (“Tips for house concert hosts” at, including how to make signs to put around in the house during a show) (“Tips for artists” at (“What are house concerts?” at Homes Routes) (go to “How to” link at Memphis House concerts) (FAQ at Magpie House concerts) (FAQ at Room with a view concerts) (FAQ at Hilltop House concerts) (About at Billsville House Concerts) (About at Las Alturas House Concerts) (How to at (go to “What’s a house concert” at Folk’N great music) (About at Nyland House Concerts) (About and tips from Canyon House Concerts) (UK) (go to “All about” for About and FAQ at House Concerts York, UK) (go to “What’s a house concert?” at Rock Prairie House Concerts) (Q&A at (go to “What is a house concert?” at Rocky’s Run House Concerts) (About at Gelencser House Concerts) (How to … at Old folksinger’s homepage) (“What is a house concert?” at Música Del Río House Concerts) (How to … at (“What is a house concert?” at Concerts at the Cabin) (Q&A at Philly Area House Concerts) (“About Us & Why We Do This!” at Heart of Texas House Concerts) (“How to host house concerts” at (About at The House) (“Why house concerts” at House concerts unlimited) (About and Tips … at Andy Rogers Music)

with downloadable file “The House Concert Hosting Kit”) (“How to get booked for a house concert” at (About at Homemade music)


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