I want to tell you a small story. In a dirty drunk college town, with
a BNSF hop off, with the motto of “Keep Missoula Weird” there are a
lot of messy kids, the down and out, the renegade artists, the hungry
dumpster divers, etc. There was one house that stood for decades. Read More


Finally, a new issue of HouseShowsZine! There are essays/papers (one about Davis, CA, show houses by Rob Roy, one about senses and house shows by Gray Newlin, and one about house shows in general, by Benjamin Morey), an interview (Nate Allen, interviewed by Benjamin Morey), a poem by Gray Newlin, and fresh links to websites (among them, links of youtube videos from house shows/show houses in Portland, links to several festivals that include houses as venues, and links to plenty of interesting guerrilla and unconventional shows around the US …). I hope you will enjoy it! Expect more in the following months, and perhaps contribute your own stuff!